What a generous one! Rihanna announced to be a millionaire a donation to fight the global pandemic


Rihanna a significant donation is intended for the fight against the devastating effects of the coronavirus, as announced, his Foundation a few hours ago.

The NGO “Clara Lionel Foundation” was of the artist in 2012 and up to 5 million us dollars for cooperation of the authorities to resist the spread of the COVID-19 in the United States of America.

In the first instance, the money flowed, the composer to ensure banks to eat, to those communities in danger, what will be the most by the closure of industries.

In the same way, it is expected that a portion of the donation “RiRi” also, it is for the provision of equipment and material, sanitary ware, human medical answer.

Currently, the hospitals are overwhelmed by the amount of patients they receive, and many do not have respiratory protection devices and other medication for the management of this crisis, what he called, in response to the actress originally from Barbados.

The NGO announced that the celebrity together with the International Rescue Committee and the world health organization, to help other disadvantaged communities.

Rihanna other celebrities you also make these kind of actions is favorable, with the support of the authorities in the control of crises in the area of the most important of the last century.



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