What Epic zbanowało Fortnite four most popular players? The Video explains everything


A total of four players were banned by Epic for the so-called “teamowanie” during a tournament.

Teamowanie, i.e., the communication during the game and discuss, to avoid that two Teams, for example, the battle is strictly forbidden in Fortnite. In the case of FNCS, a total of four players were discovered, which had to this principle hurt.

While some deny agree with this decision, others categorically to.

Scammers be teamowanie

The players themselves heard suspicious behavior by both Teams, the landed side by side and fought to liquidate so that you can finally.

Of course, it is contrary to the rules of procedure, and, finally, the application of bans talks to 60 days. From the information of the players, we know that the ban was correct and the punishment is definitely too big.

Although then the players remind you that it would be worth, more time for the investigation and test them all.

“60 days of storage can completely change the life” – we read. There were also other testimonies of people banned.

The thing seems to be the development, because even though a part of it coincides with the suspension, the others speak strongly to resist. Epic Games not voted on this issue.

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