What to expect the next Update of Fortnite, which as a 12.21?


This week a new Update should be Fortnite. Unfortunately, it is not full, the big Patch.

Epic Games in 12 season completely abandoned, the so-called content Updates. There were Update ‘ y, they brought in the rule, some changes on the map and in the subjects.

Currently, we only have major Updates every two weeks, marked by consistently 12.00,12.10,12.20. This time on the API Patch 12.21 have to put – what?

Update 12.21 in Fortnite

The Update is mandated to correct the most serious errors, i.e.:

  • FPS
  • Harpoon
  • Problems with Deadpoolem
  • Naparzankę

What is beyond? Probably the following features are added Deadpoola be, although it’s not too reliable. In the files still on a couple of different items, so what are the Updates that are entered you can by the way.

But so far, no information about it decides that, in addition to bugfixów Epic on every novelty. It seems that, rather, it is rather unlikely. In season 12, we such a Situation, have not had, and which were the occasion of these great Updates.

Patch 12.21 can be entered, so really every day, and probably will tomorrow, or on Thursday. It is not known whether there is a technical break.



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