Why is Meghan Markle has the ‘Monalisa’ by Beyoncé


The Museum of the Louvre beat his record of visitors in 2018 (more than 10 million, is the one that had more participants, of the world). And Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z, had a lot to do with this milestone: they took your video Going apeshit, hard drive Everything is Love released as The Carter’s, name for your duo with art. Last night was awarded as the Best international group at the Brit awards held in London. And, as they could not gather on the stage to see the award, he showed a video, in the agradecían the award, blink a double eye, the United Kingdom and on your video clip: posing in front of a portrait framed, on the was the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, such as, in particular, their Monalisa.

In Markle is an illustration by Tim O’brien –the Chairman of the society of illustrators of New York city, a partner of publications is as Time or Newsweekand was on the front page of The Key. It is interesting that the tiara is one of O’brien he, the Duchess, the British Royal family, but also the Spanish: it is known as a fleur-de-Lis, platinum and brilliant-cut diamonds, the jewelry Ansorena in 1906 as a gift from Alfonso XIII to his future wife, the English Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, who wore at their wedding.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z on The Carter, in the video ‘going apeshit’ ro-ro in the Louvre.

If you are in Going apeshit the work of Leonardo da Vinci, the absolute star on the visits to the Paris museum, took role in a scene in which Beyoncé wore costume Peter Pilotto and Jay-Z another one of Dries van Noten, in order to accept the prize wanted to have, the new position of the scene, the dresses are practically the same. Jay-Z with a series of very similar, if not the same, but with different buttons and t-shirt-under– and Beyoncé with a jacket, the appear and Golden tones malvas.

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But what has attracted attention in the social networks was the figure crowned by Meghan Markle, is displayed in the background. The singer has detected on your Instagram with this picture wanted to have that on the occasion of the month of Black history: “In honor of Black History Month, we make a bow to our Melanated monkey (with ‘melanated’ relate to ‘with melanin’). Congratulations on your pregnancy! We wish you much joy”.

In addition, in his blog, the artist wanted to give him an entry in the support of Meghan Markle, enmarcándola also within the month of Black history: “it Is one of the few black women that are part of a Royal family. Meghan led many of the traditions of the black, their real wedding, including a pastor black of Chicago, a fantastic choir, the gospel tour, and a young cellist in black. On your wedding, your culture, protagonist, and Central, and she and Prince Harry have continue to drive, the dialog relations between the races”.

It is not the first time that the couple claimed that the presence of black protagonists in the world of art. Beyoncé has dedicated a supporter of Kerry-James Marshall, the painter of Afro-Americans, to request that his work, their visibility in the major museums around the world.

Beyoncé, in front of one of the pictures of Kerry James Marshall, the dedicated entries in your blog. Photo: Beyonce.com