Why Kim Kardashian West really gets injections in the butt?


Kim Kardashian West was in the middle of the attention for more than a decade. With their presence in social networks and reality tv show, shares a large part of his personal life with millions of fans. But one thing that is sick and tired of discuss is her butt. Kardashian West was famous for her derriere, since he was a star. Even their mother, Kris Jenner, has shared that she believes that people admired their daughters at the beginning, because they represent a population, the more “curves”.

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But, to speak although she was known for her butt, the wife of 39 years, is too tired. In several interviews not admitted that he is interested in people to talk to or question how big it is. This is in contrast to what he felt for years, because the founder of the NPP has Fragrance for a long time to talk about it with yourself. In fact, there was even an episode of ” Keeping Up with the Kardashians, where you will be brought to a doctor to “prove” that her butt was real.

Kim Kardashian West talks about her derriere for years.

Fans of the Kardashian-West have had a fight about their butts and have been for years. Some say that it is real, while others are convinced that it is wrong, and the mother of four children, receives injections in the butt to enlarge it. But where does this speculation come from? 2016 Kardashian West told Us Weekly that she believes that all the rumors come from photos that were taken in 2007.

Why do people think that the back of the magnates, the scent is wrong?

“There is a photo of me in Miami with a dress in electric blue and another picture of me to the foot of Robertson. You see the script. And I think it was then the rumors started: “she had admitted implants,” Kardashian-West. But, what was the cause of the catchment? The owner of the NPP, Beauty, together, that she gets injections in her butt, but it has nothing to do with the appearance. In fact, the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians says that you have to sink to, because of his psoriasis. Psoriasis is caused by excessive accumulation of cells in the skin, which can lead to patches of skin dry, red, itchy.

Kardashian West receives injections of cortisol in your butt for the treatment of your psoriasis

“I was to receive a cortisone injection in my behind. I lived directly behind Kitson(unaboutiqueconsedeenLosÁngeles}UnodemisvecinoseradermatólogoenCedarsentroallíyéldice:”Hayunaposibilidadentremilmillonesdequetengasunagransangríaentutrasero”Porsupuestotengounagransangríaenmitrasero”revelóKardashianWestKardashianWesttambiénrevelóqueestoesalgoquetienequehacercadapocosañoscuandosupsoriasissevuelveinmanejable(aLosAngelesbasedboutique}Oneofmyneighborswasadermatologistatcedarsigointhereandhe’slike’There’saoneinabillionchancethatyouwillgetahugeindentinyourbutt’OfcourseIgetahugeindentonmybutt”KardashianWestrevealedKardashianwestalsorevealedthatthisissomethingthatshehastodoeveryfewyearswhenherpsoriasisbecomesunmanageable

In spite of the declarations of Kardashian West, some people are not willing to believe that injections of cortisol are the only thing small on her ass. Recently, you published a photo of himself on Instagram, which also have their fans, more loyal skeptical. If Kardashian West, is to tell the truth or not, it really is important to us. During you judge to be happy with your body, who we are?



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