You are the head of the carnival? So, have a look at the tutorial for the two looks of the actress-hot-Mary Jane’s and pulled it to the streets – Beauty – Glamurama


The actress Mary-Jane, two outstanding productions for the festival Credit: Handout

Do you already have an idea of how it will be for your production, for this is the carnival? In addition to the costume, makeup and props, your hair is cool, it makes all the difference in the lookinho. Stuck, loose, or half-and-half, and the most important thing is that your hair holds the sweat and fun, with lots of glitter, yarn, and shiny ornaments. Inspired by the different looks of the actress-hot-Mary Jane, created by the hairdresser, the carioca. this is Serious. Come and see!!!

Drawn on the back

Mary Jane, Credit: Handout

After washing the pipes, a toothbrush, a model, and then use a babyliss thickness around the shaft wider. Secure in a ponytail at the crown of the head, and tighten it. If you need to, use the brackets, not seen.

Then, spray the spray of the Golden in particular, the hair at the root of the hair. Apply a little of the clear gel on the wires and at the top of his forehead. You finish by applying the right glitter to the edge of the face. Finished with a tiara or a support for his head.

Hair Loose

Mary Jane, Credit: Handout

Start by dividing your hair into three sections. Separate a section of about two fingers wide and roll up the curls. You have to wait 20 to 30 seconds, and then release it. Repeat the process for all of your hair.

After completion of this step, loosen the curls with your fingers and then with a spray fixative. You adorn your head with a stand-in of your choice. You can use a couple of clamps to hold it. Each of which can apply a little bit of volume, you need to of a tic-tac.



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