your friend from the youth dies of time, with the came 10 years


The groom Jennifer Lopez for almost a decade, David cross, died on Saturday in hospital of Mount Sinai West of Manhattan, cardiovascular diseases. The couple began their relationship when she was 15 and he was 16 years old and went for almost 10 years before it began, as the reputation of the dancer, actress and singer from the Bronx, and change your life completely in the mid-90s. In fact, you saw them together on the first on the red carpet, on which he went, the interpreter The Ring.

The first friend of Jennifer Lopez diesVIEW GALLERY

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The two images illustrate that these news are from 1995, in the months of april and november, in two premieres other, the came Jennifer and David in California. At that time, you have already had your first roles as an actress in the tv-movie Lost in the Wild or in the series Second Chances. In the same year, estrenaría My Family by Gregory Nava, where she played Maria, a young Mexican immigrant, and his role would the Independent Spirit award Award for best supporting actress. It was not until two years ago when it was on the premiere of the movie your big and final jump to Hollywood Selenawhere was the life of the late singer Selena Quintanilla, which brought a nomination for the Golden Globe.

The first friend of Jennifer Lopez diesVIEW GALLERY

The partner of David Cruz in the last 18 years, Isa, assured TMZ was a “kind and loving”. “Never kept things and was very open. He was a father, take care of, has helped me to educate my son, his stepsonnow in the Marina. She loved the Yankees, and the Knicks, they loved to go to the theater with me. My favorite moment of the appointment, we are with the family, because it was something very special for all. Always be sure to finish what with a ‘I love You’,” he adds.

Although we do not know the reason from the end of the relationship between Jennifer Lopez and David cross, knowing the good relationship that the artists with their exsit seems likely that , especially in good conditions. The protagonist Estafadoras the Wall Street has not commented on this, although these days just does overview of some of your first projectsjust Selenaher first big film.

The first friend of Jennifer Lopez diesVIEW GALLERY

Currently, Jennifer Lopez is happy and in love Alex Rodriguez, former baseball that has been promised for a year and who shares your life. In fact, the two, along with their children are quarantine in the house, the singer in Coral Gables, Miami.



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