Anne Hathaway revealed in an interview on the exact day that you leave a vegan diet… – notes – Glamurama


Anne Hathaway, who gave up her vegan diet, has shown, the food at precisely the moment when I decided to re-flesh. In an interview with the magazine ‘Tatler’, the actress recalled that, in 2014, I was the only vegan at a dinner with her husband Adam Shulman and actor Matt Damon. “While we were shooting ‘Interstellar’ in Iceland, my husband, and Matt, we went to dinner in a restaurant with a Michelin star. They opted for a tasting menu. I was the only girl, and a vegetarian, and all around the world, eat what was served. So I asked to put the head on The fish?’ And he said, ” do you see this research?’ At the time, I saw a piece of salmon on my plate and in my head it’s like a computer rebooting,” recalls Anne, was a vegan in the year 2012, as he had to get in shape quickly for a role as catwoman in the Film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Currently, the actress is staring in the fish and seafood dishes, but also maintaining a distance to other types of meat.