Beyoncé and Jay-Z profess that love on stage


Like two great gods worshipped, which came from their believers, so Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z, at her concert in London, where, like a pair of lovebirds, is not spared the samples loved one on the stage.

The Olympic stadium of London, home of the football club West Ham United, with a capacity for 66 thousand spectators, was filled this evening in the fourth station of the tour “On the Run II”, that the marriage started at 6. June in Cardiff (Wales).

With their appearance more than two hours and a half, which was an ode to you, to the love that they confess and their relationship, that was not always as idyllic as it is today.

The rapper and the pop diva is not the only word game out of ” enemy of the big stage -often accompanied by expert dancers, but the three huge screens that were behind, showed the following pictures of the two of them.

You in bed, on the beach, riding on a motorcycle, they saw each other through… in all kinds of situations, if you are using a repertoire of 40 songs from two successful races.

Were the infidelity rapper divaself-realized in the theme of 4:44, and were replaced by slogans such as “Love never changes” (the love will never change) or “Love is universal” (love is universal), and could be read by the light.

The couple concentrated to overcome on the composition of music crisis bed room and from there Lemonade”, the last album of Beyoncé, the second one came up “sold a lot in the world in the year 2016, more than two million copies), just behind the “25” by Adele, which he will sell 4.6 million.

The time intimate of a show splurged delusions of grandeur, a wine from the hand of one of the ballads-moments of us, 36 years of age, with the title of “Resentment” from her second cd, “B’day” (2006), with the help of the crowd held its breath.

Instead, the basis of shouting on the highlight of the evening, as the first sound, the recognizable first chords, which he is, probably, a more songs, from legendary artists, “Crazy in love” from her debut solo album “Dangerously in Love” (2003).

While some of the other issues mythical of Beyoncé Knowles, “Single Ladies” or “Halo”, as well as the entire repertoire of his time, was missing in the “Destiny’s Childs”, the group that took it fame in 1997.

Jay-Z sang her classic, “Empire State of Mind”, but the winner of nine Grammy awards voted Yes other topics, such as “99 problems,” “The Story of O. J.” or “Déjà Vu”, he played next to his wife on a moving platform that rose up to run through on the stage part of the stadium.

The couple made four years ago, their first joint tour, and on this occasion was not made in the British capital, it seems that the audience in london, has forgiven them, thanks to his tireless performance tonight.

“You’re the best audience we had so far” has to have Beyoncé in a frenzied mass, so that you in the background, your audience of Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester, the first scenarios of the tour.

Changes of costume Beyoncé wore her usual monkey close to each other that dispelled the recent rumors about a possible third pregnancy , light games, and even fireworks, it was a memorable event.

The couple are still waiting more than thirty concerts in ten European cities, including Barcelona, on 11. July in the Olympic stadium, and a further dozen us army in a tour runs until the beginning of October.




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