Beyonce and Rosalie are planning to carry out the next hit for the summer of 2020

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.- Apparently Beyoncé is a big fan of the music of Rosalie and says that the couple is planning to enter the studio at the end of this year, to do in a trial, “the anthem for the summer of 2020”.

Beyonce is not alien to the music of Latin America, because it has the Colombian J Balvin on ‘My people’ in 2017.

An insider of the column, said bizarre the newspaper the Sun: “it’s been a while since Beyonce was a great success, but it is a big fan of Rosalia, and you believe that you could really do the anthem for the summer of 2020”.

“Rosalia has a high level of relevance and attractiveness, and both are very enthusiastic and can do together,” said the source.

This year, Beyonce the album, ‘The Lion King: The poison’, it came out in July, and their “Homecoming: The Live Album” in april.

The last studio album from superstar 37 years was ‘Lemonade’ in 2016.

Meanwhile, the Creator of hits ‘Drunk in Love’ is not interested in the only star in it, together with Rosalie.

Bebe Rexha revealed, previously, the singer of 25 years was sent to check the song, add your voice, but I wanted to be a part of the entire writing.

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