Brides in new york, that a cancellation of the wedding due to the multi-Covid-19 is the dresses of the famous designer – notes – Glamurama


Lady Gaga, who is a customer of Maxwell, posing with the designer | | Credits: Play

Brides-to-be residing in New York city, the refusals had to go planned their weddings for the next couple of weeks, due to the multi-Covid-19, and in order to win, the dresses are signed by Brandon Maxwell has to go up to the altar in the way, as soon as things are back to normal. It is Maxwell, the Lady Gaga to their customers, they promised on Monday that it will compensate for the setback by creating their outfits for the big day, every single one, and without a fee from each and every one of you for your service.

In addition to the good deed, the designer of 35 years, has also recently announced that they are going to be in his workshop, mainly for the manufacture of protective clothing such as masks and overalls, for the exclusive use of the health care professionals who have worked day and night attending to the victims of the new coronavirus in the Big Apple. “We wanted to find out what are the best types of fabrics for these special clothes are worn by doctors and nurses, and our main focus at the moment is that,” Maxwell said in a blog post that he is on Twitter.

The jury of the reality show, fashionista, on “Project Runway” in the past year, he has also signed the costume design for the other famous, powerful, as first lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence and even the Queen Rania of Jordan, and in 2019 he also presented a collection during New York Fashion Week, the highly praised by critics and helped, his name on the map, in the fashion once and for all. (For The Anderson’s market)



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