Changes in the selection of the players. Epic wants to know how you estimate your opponent in Fortnite


It seems that the preparation of changes in the choice of the player. Some after the end of the game you will get a very interesting survey.

Surveys in Fortnite are not something new. For a while, the players must use the General feelings from the game, other times for the selected objects. determine This time, Epic wants to know how you estimate your opponent.

These surveys, although they should not, it changes to preach any. It is known that at the present time a lot more people playing than usual, and maybe Epic wants to use this time to the introduction of larger or smaller changes in the question matchmakingu.

Questions on the evaluation of the player

This review is a little more extensive. We don’t even know whether it’s there in German.

As you can see, Epic is asking, how do you rate your rivals in terms of skills, in terms of our skills. We can choose, or much worse, or much better. In total, we have 5-step scale.

You can not be taken as a preview of the changes, because, after all, already several times in the game, there are surveys, from which nothing followed. On the other hand, one should bear in mind that direct answers from players, are those the most important, what Epic should be taken into account.

Amendments should not expect to much to quickly. Today, an Update 12.21, of which almost nothing happens found. The next next week. Should be a lot more interesting, at least for the next первоапрельский. To work out that this time Epic, something? We’ll see, probably next Tuesday, or only 1. April.



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