David cross dies, the first love of the artist


Was the first great love Jennifer Lopezboth grew up in the new York city borough of the Bronx, and began to exit, while still in school, when they both were just 15 years. David Cruza discrete exnovio, the artist, died at the age of 51, due to a severe heart disease, according to advance magazine People.

The couple announced that more than 10 years, until their paths parted, but the cross came to life the first steps of the ascent to the star of Lopez. They broke shortly before the singer and actress received the role of the protagonist to bring to life Selenathe chance in the movie-musical of the he inaugurated in the world of cinema and music.

Jennifer Lopez’s Ex-Boyfriend of 10 Years, David cross-This-at 51 https://t.co/61tZPbZHt7

— People (@people) March 23, 2020

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His partner, Isa, and the son of this grieving in those days of the loss of a cross, have described how a man who is “loving and in the heart of the city”, in his words, with the middle us TMZ. “He was a devoted father, helped with the education of her stepchildren, who are now in the Marina. He loved the Yankees, and the Knicks,” he added.

The cast in the last few years, the cross was not addressed in American media, however, there are traces of boys, during their relationship López participle working as a production assistant during the shooting of some movies.

Jennifer Lopez, in addition to her fiance, Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez, in addition to her fiance, Alex Rodriguez

For his part, Jennifer Lopez in a relationship is holding steady exbaloncestista Alex Rodriguez, with which she has committed. The couple began its romance in 2017, but everything indicates that the crisis could reduce the health of the coronavirus, her plans for the wedding this summer. Rodriguez gave López, a ring with a diamond 16 carat on a romantic vacation in the Bahamas, far away in the Bronx.



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