Dua Lipa makes it like Beyoncé and go back…


In a world like today’s, in which they climb onto the network millions of photos a day, if two of these are repeated, or at least ” inspired in a other, worth a pause, and take a look. There Dua Lipa would have your photo from the thousands of forms are possible, but only in one mode could imitate, like him a few weeks ago, Queen B.

Dua Lipa decided to put the advertising for their new single, the advertise in these days with the title “Physical“within the hard drive “Future Nostalgia and he made a swimsuit in yellow, and he rode on a Bicycle aesthetics in the classical style with a background with the color pink in a composition very retro all of it. Until here, nothing to add, if not the scene would be there in memory, and the other, conducted by the American Beyoncé Knowles a few months ago and that he is also through Instagram.

Then, on 9. January, Beyoncé decided to mounted on a Bicycle in a vintage style and clothing sporty, just for advertising for his own line of sports apparel because since a few years ago, the artist in addition to singer, designer and owner of a fashion brand that bears his name.

You see this posting on Instagram

IVY PARK January 18

A publication of shared Beyoncé (@beyonce) the

It seems incredible that the Queen of R&B, he was already 38 years old, and it seems like yesterday when the singer Destiny’s Childs she left the group, to her career as a soloist and that is already 18 years old. Although still a rope, time in Texas, there are already to gather candidates, the heritage and the legacy of Beyoncé and one of these girls, a young (24 years old) Dua Lipa is. Has conquered London, the a whole generation, and can be released with the album, on 3. april to be a symbol for many people.

Sure that many of those who have seen, have dreamed of the photo of his bike saddle and don’t wait for others to continue to dream…



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