Geisy Arruda is piscadinha fatal, and the fan responds: “can I kiss you?”


Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/Instagram)

On the evening of today, Monday (23. September), Geisy Arruda he shared a mini-video on his Instagram and it was widely praised by the fans. The famous ” you are at home, in quarantine, for the benefit of the coronavirus.

“Good evening, warriors of the quarantine!”was expelled Geisy trailer in the heading of your posting. In the video, she has already showed her the way she was lying on the bed, with the jeans, and there was a piscadinha-fatal, leaving the crazy fans.

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Geisy Arruda is levantadinha and show my butt to be warm

“Only one night, because “Good” is for you”; “kiss What a piscadinha hot”, “a delight, so, I case, hot”, “Geisy me? Af ! Its beautiful!!!”, there were a few of the comments on the video.

At that time, after the great success of his first book, the erotic, The pleasure of revenge’, Geisy Arruda advised, that the second has already taken place. On this day, she revealed, “In this year also. Probably in June or July”.



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