It wizard of Beyoncé will be without fired in this thread from Twitter


What are the skills that are needed to the wizard world, star of the pop? Probably not much, but in reality, it requires a lot of attention to the details. So a thread shows on Twitter, where you have to make decisions, depending on the preferences and needs of Beyoncé or you’re discharged. Since its publication this weekend, the thread retuiteado was more than 95,000 times and received more than 250,000 likes.

His assistant, of Beyoncé for a day. Thread not be dismissed.

“It’s your first day in the job and Beyonce is preparing for a red carpet. What are you wearing to Breakfast? Yogurt, granola and strawberries or a five-star Breakfast”. Under this tweet, you can click on the option you choose, the user. Only one of them is correct.

The Creator of this interactive game is now also on Twitter Landon Riveraa 19-year-old student from California (Usa). “And I saw a tweet, similar to how many years ago, but she was still not finished and with only one result,” explains Rivera Verneby e-mail.

How was the episode Bandersnatch the series from Netflix, Black Mirror, the users make their own decisions, but in this case, in order that Beyoncé will be released. “I thought it was amazing that my fans think, even as a helper, but I never thought it would become so popular,” says the student California. Another tweet a little more difficult the selection. “Asking you to call via FaceTime to her daughter. What is you name, Blue, or Rumi?

From what the singer during the make-up is how you react to the paparazzi or if you go before you are a hotel or an event, just some of the situations, which is reflected by this thread. “People who don’t enjoy fans of Beyoncé, as well as someone who is already a fan,” says Rivera.

You will lose the work since the first decision or you go through seven different situations, if you guess, or you’re lucky in the elections, what they are doing. The us model Chrissy Teigen tweeted that you have your own assistant, failed in his first decision.

Rivera commented that previously the singer, who is one of your favorite celebrities, but ensures that “it is very funny that the social networks give you this kind of tours”, completed. How far can you as an assistant of Beyoncé?

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