Jennifer Lawrence has a date to get married; here’s how it will be at the ceremony


Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney house on Saturday, the 19. The Association takes place after a courtship of eight months.

The ceremony will be very intimate. The wedding will take place in a charming location in Rhode Island (USA) with 150 guests. The information from TMZ.

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The Website ensures that you, the planner, the wedding, Select the Seed in the organization. The professional also deals with the menu, and you have hors d’oeuvres, pancakes of cod, and pork belly cured with Apple cider in the lobby.

For the main course you have a few options. The one is the grilled fish with herbs, and the other is a steak with a sauce and side dishes.

Already, the dessert is the bread pudding and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and marshmallow of her own.

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A few details of the wedding, a vibrant, must reach to the General public In September, Jennifer Lawrence has come to a partnership with Amazon, and show on the wish list for the wedding. Among the items the glasses of wine, a blanket, and even a pasta machine.

The groom, Cooke Maroney, is an entrepreneur, the artist’s imagination. The husband-to-be, Jennifer Lawrence’s work in New York city. The two dated for about a year before the referendum.

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