Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, the walk through Los Angeles, at the height of the crisis of the coronavirus


Since the past 19. in March, the state of California, the most populous of the United States, is quarantine,. An order of the Governor Garvin Newson announced he has obliged the citizens to stay in their homes. Can only leave to go to work -if necessary – to shop, to go to the doctor to go in for sports or for a walk allowed to go. So, the last pictures Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom can not be irresponsible.

In the last days, the artist couple was taken by the photographer, the implementation of various activities that are currently allowed in the city of angels. 21. March, Orlando Bloom was photographed in a gas station while you went to the petrol your car, the sports wear common look. Meanwhile, Katy Perry was in the streets of the city with your dog and hold in your hands a bag, a approved us pharmacy. The singer sported a comfortable look in a pair of sunglasses and a cap, the add-ons protagonists were. And, thanks to this, the artist went unnoticed.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry, the pay in a gas station / Gtres

On Monday, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry back out on the streets of Los Angeles. He walking your pet and you for the participation at a gas station. Again, with a look-comfortable, consisting of a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt in the colour grey, flip-flops, and sunglasses. To go an outfit to go home, is to understand that the interpreter is in compliance with the measures to tackle the crisis of health care. In your profile of Instagram, in fact, made advertising for the hashtag #QuédateEnCasa.

A day before the Governor of Los Angeles to take measures, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are parents were included in the next few months, on the beaches of the city. You walked with your dog, dressed in a coat and boots. He wiped the body with a towel. What had been given to understand, there’s a dip in the sea.

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom after a day at the beach / Gtres

To materialize even if some could catalog how irresponsible the outputs on the street of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, the couple of artist is strictly to the rules. Only one has seen you, by the activities that still allowed in the city. Let us remember, moreover, that the fact that the singer is pregnant, not more vulnerable. Also the baby is, the way it is, since there is no step of the disease from the mother to the unborn child. Yes, the singer must continue to be infected with the rules and regulations of health care organizations to avoid.