Katy Perry shares the secret to the success of your relationship with Orlando Bloom (and works for all couples)


If it’s someone we hear, on the theme of couples and love, it’s definitely Katy Perry. Currently, the singer is living in the best phase of the love of his life, now the things are better than ever with Orlando Bloom… and with the news that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have a baby, things could not be better!

Well, what is the secret of their success? We know that a loving relationship in the middle of the show can be very difficult (especially in the eyes of the public), but Katy Perry he says that is easier than you might think… and it is just that both of them always a little personal spacewithout resentment, without a doubt.

“One thing that goes very well in my current relationship –Yes, I insured the ring, but I have seen that it is really a good idea, a little space,” said Katy Perry in the show “American Idol”, where she is a judge, and spoke with a few candidates, which are pairs. “In this competition, it is great to understand, to accompany the work in a team and support each other. But this time it comes to fulfilling your dreams in life. Only you recognize your priorities now. Because I believe that both of you were suffering a little with what they showed. We know that both of them are better, okay? ” she said to the participants.



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