Katy Perry throws amazing and colorful collection of sandals


The singer Katy Perry has recently shown that a further large faceted entrepreneur, since it was her line of shoes, make-up and perfume a great success worldwide, now brings an amazing and colorful collection of sandals, the all want.

Katy, 35 years old, surprised his fans with his new collection of sandals, which is already very halagadas of social networks, because they are perfect for the spring, the next station, and they are very fashionable.

Since a little away from the music industry, the interpreter has the sale of various products such as shoes, sandals, clothing, perfume and make-up, but without a doubt, more highlighted is your footwear, because their designs are according to your style.

Where to buy the shoes of Katy Perry?

To buy the shoes of Katy Perry, you can click here.

How to buy the shoes of Katy Perry?

You need to view the site, select the model that you like, and choose your size ideal, and then proceed to fill the data delivery and, finally, the implementation of the payment using one of the payment methods.



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