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The dispute between Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardasian to continue to talk about what, since it’s this weekend, the entire conversation between the country singer and the rapper came to, and fans of Taylor attacked shell “Fade” and the daughter Kris Jenner because as a liar.

The controversy arose in the year 2016, when Kanye West she released her song “Famous”, it means “bitch” Taylor Swift. To get ahead of this, the interpreter of “The man” back to the topic and attacked the couple. Kim Kardashian he defended publicly to her husband and said that the young singer had been given, the allusion to the song at the start.

On their Twitter account, the mother of Chicago, North, Saint, and Ages Taylor, not to mention, lies, and insensitive replied to this topic at a time, gravity, the world’s to the coronavirus. “@taylorswift13 to go back to an old dispute, in this moment, the landlady of Skims is something very selfish in the face of the suffering that millions of actual victims” began.

The sister Khloé and Kourtney she said, feeling ashamed of his answer, the interpreter, Love Story” of everything that is happening in the world.

“I didn’t feel the need to discuss this a few days ago, and I’m actually really embarrassing, and to do mortificada by this time, but to talk more about that, I feel, that I added no other choice than to respond, because she’s lying really,” Kim Kardashian. You can also read: Pepe Aguilar suspected that neighbors of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Taylor Swift

“To be clear, the only problem I had with the situation, that Taylor lied about your advertiser, because he said that “Kanye, you never called to ask for permission”. They spoke clearly, so I had to see it. No one refused to use the word “bitch” used outside without your permission,” she continued, socialite.

Besides, Kim does not mention that the whole scandal is the song, if not by the alleged phone call, that it’s between Taylor and Kanye. You can also read: Kim Kardashian snake take to buy chicken KFC

twitter Kim Kardashian

“The lie was never about the word ” p**ta, it was always on when there is a call or not, and about the tone of the conversation. I have never, I have the video (another lie), I just said I have some parts of the video on Snapchat, in order to test my point and the whole video that recently, just a filter doesn’t change the narrative,” he Kim Kardashian.

“Something else to add, Kanye as an artist has the right to document your process and the way in which music, as he has made you (Taylor) recently about his documentary. Kanye has documented the processing of all your albums, your personal file. However, never published, and none for the public, and the conversation between the two of them, followed, stored from said private or outside not gone directly in the trash, if you forced me to defend himself, Kanye”, the sister Kendall and Kylie Jenner.


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Finally, the U.S. is a celebrity-he said that this is the last time you speak of the topic because the entrepreneur ensures that no one the role.
“This is the last time I talk about it, because honestly, nobody cares. Sorry for bothering everyone with everything. I know all about and debate the important things, which is important.”

Kim and Kanye

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