Michael Becer, the stylist of the viral Rosala, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa


The designer’s signature looks of celebrities international Rosala, Dua Lipa, or Kylie Jenner. We are face-to-face with the customer, and only familiar with the Internet. Your clothes, the bodice, and coats are star wool from Bjar. The last contact with l: Lady Gaga. He studied business and fashion.

ManManthe signature of the designer Michael Becer (Cceres, 4. January 1985), born as a project of limit switch (curs company in Madrid, at the same time Design Fashion), without claims. In the family of Becer, no one has been dedicated, never to this Guild, but s was the the restlessness dressespecially on special occasions. Is entenda that an outfit is meant as a reminder, depending on, to use when or where it is. The same is caused, a family trip, if you have a child, also printed in the I remember the dress that led you to the wedding of your sister, or relatives in the vicinity. This uncertainty Michael, of the “rag” comes.

The list of celebrities they have since been in contact with ManMan, brand, fund 2012, and we have done viral your project organisation is very extensive: Rosala (looks a corset of the extremeo in your last video, I Swear), Kylie JennerKim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny, Beyonc, Cameron Dallas, Jorja Smith… “your stylists are the who contact us, to make us clothes. The last mail we received was Lady Gaga. We are in negotiations with him, to make him a custom, but the list is endless. The creative process is peculiar in the sense that is very different. I imagine a context, the characters, Oh Yes can live with, and the seen. As soon as the transfer of ideas collection and this living alone, always the celebrities are doing it, his own”, describes the Cceres.

Your piece star is the bodice“Although a coincidence, but it is true that our corsets interpretations that are not traditional, a lot of success. The clothes are very expensive, a whole universe in the context of folklore; a dialogue between traditional and the future brings a lot of work,” she explains. In terms of the importance of the name of the company says: “I have a twin brother, and if ramos, little me You called because you knew my name is to pronounce. Since then, it is in my family so: if we have a pet Youor finca… and Everything in my house is. I remember a teacher I had in the career of business told us that if we started a separate project we had the choice very good the name that motivated us, and I thought that was nothing more than the nickname, the so-zrtlich, that it is in my family”.

Online sale

The formula follows Becer the success/error is. Added to that the large award was as a designer, the winner of the Vogue Whos On Next in the year 2015. “I present, without claims and expectations, but what’s gan, and I saw myself in the need to prove that there is a company behind, a projection of the actual business -ideas-level mode… And that was the career. Country win almost like a game to a competition is very important,” he says.

Your most important tool, the social networks, especially Instagram, are. But, he adds: “we have to go through the work to sell in Paris to the trade collections, and that went really well. Our clothes were pieces that showed all of its power on a global level. But it is true that the formula of the multi-brand shops est practically disappear, and now the instrument are more effective the social networks. Ab, ah, is the mouth-to-mouth-and-sell / clothing of the user. I was lucky enough to work with angel Schlesser in the course of four years, from hand to hand, and di it with him, among other things, that no company in fashion, you without reflect. I’ve noticed that the formula for the other colleagues are not asking for yourself. I never had the idea to open the shop. Is not in my project.”

ManMan a web-page through the online sales of their products. A better advertising? Make your followers vip (singers, Actresses, celebrities…), if you can be individualized to a piece of clothing: “When they rise, their networks, various kuferinnen appear around the world”. The funny thing is that you don’t have to do a lot of printing in Spain and almost everything to the consumer from different points of the planet, especially of Asia and the Americas.

The contact to customers is something that it thanks to the full because, he says, the face-to-face, it is frustrating. The fashion of the twenty-first century for the l est Internet. “It is the present and the future,” he says with conviction. Miguel, created a trend, not a reference book, not earlier: he has found out, that it is the best “create your own formula, you have your niche”.

Is professor of fashion at the University of Politcnica of Madrid, an associate degree in architecture, where he five years. “The fashion est ms fashion than ever before,” says Miguel. “There are a lot of offer for the investigation of this matter in Madrid, many students and some of them are very well prepared. Nothing to do with if estudibamos us, it was shoes in the children”.


How materials used noble materialssilk-natural cotton and 100% wool made-retail in locations, such as on the North side of Cceres, or to the South of Salamanca. “The fact is, produce little, and all of it by hand with fine fabrics means pollute zero,” he says proudly. The prices are between 300 and 800 euros for the corpios. The coats, facts, and teidos by hand from 100% wool Bjar, costs between 700 and 800 euros. Now, the company, consisting of four persons, will be maintained, although not as wealth. “We need a partner, the contribution of money to continue to grow,” sighs the designer.



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