Miley Cyrus live Hannah Montana in emotional reunion with Emily Osment


Miley Cyrus and Emily Osmenttwo ex – girl Disney favorite of the audience, back in their days Hannah Montana with a reunion move in Instagram Live.

Miley Cyrus live Hannah Montana in emotional reunion with Emily Osment

Miley Cyrus remember Hannah Montana with Emily Osment

The encounter between Miley Cyrus,, who gave life Hannah Montana and Emily Osmentwho played her best friend, Lilly Truscott, it was in the latest episode “BRIGHT-MINDED: Live With Miley”.

“It is the meet of the decade! My best friend is the display I shared with me in the last 15 years,” said Miley Cyrus at the launch of Emily Osment.

While Instagram Live, Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment remembered their childhood on the Disney Channel when viewing multiple photos, the shots of Hannah Montana and in addition to the set, where the friendship of their characters pierced the screen.

Bright-Minded Miley Cyrus

The new programme of Miley Cyrus, Bright-Minded, they will transfer you from Monday to Friday on Instagram Live and has celebrity guests, including another ex – star of Disney, Demi Lovato.

Miley Cyrus Bright-Minded was created to overcome its 105 million followers Instagram that are in the quarantine content funny and positive, that you can from home.

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“Many of us feel helpless and without hope. Is Canalicemos this energy in action!”, Miley Cyrus said in your publications on Instagram.

Other guests in the new series, online of Miley Cyrus, including Ellen DeGeneres, Rita Ora, Amy Schumer, Jeremy Scott, Hailey Baldwin, Bieber and Billy Ray Cyrus.



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