Oh, Taylor Swift announces new Christmas theme!


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.- Taylor Swift took to their social networks to make known that a musical theme specially for Christmas with the title: “Christmas Tree Farm”.

The singer stated that in the night from Thursday, 05. December, your fans and followers might enjoy, and you will hear for the first time in this festive theme.

The news was revealed by “Good Morning America” and then in the social networks of Swift.

“In case of doubt, ask the Committee for kittens”, tweeted. “If you refuse to you, with silence, ambivalence, and criticism … only the song anyway. NEW SONG AND VIDEO FROM CHRISTMAS (with videos) THIS NIGHT. #Christmas tree farm,” said the star.

Swift has covered songs, several Christmas, including their EP, festive 2007-The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection, but never published, an original.

In his seventh album, Lover, the was thrown in this year with great success with critics and commercial success. In a review for the Independent, the was disc praised for its return to a sound of “romance dark”, and the ability to Swift – “distilling the infatuation on something specific and universal”.

Swift was the artist of the decade in the American Music Awards in november.

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