Rihanna in lingerie, the sensasión of Instagram is


Rihanna is a famous, doesn’t need to do much to be the center of attention, because, by their very presence turns the power to see. This opportunity is advertising for his line of underwear called “Savage X-Code” in a way that thanked his supporters, because they got into your Instagram the official journal a couple of photos with her own line of lingerie.

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With its 32 years, the famous spectacular photos that looks so records likes in the shortest amount of time in one of the photos almost 4 million likes, while in the other the amount of 1 million and half of the heart.

In one of your photos is displayed, with the back lying on a bed, while the second appears in the same, but from the front and tapandose a little face, go you, that Rihanna-and-white, posing in a way that is similar to what is vulgar, is a professional.

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Rihanna thinks all women should be celebrated, regardless of their shape, size and color. This spirit of inclusion has made, their lines of underwear and make-up are already done.

“Women just need a bit of validation. You’re beautiful. Your body is beautiful. Your body is sexy and to feel they deserve it this way,” said the superstar, before the parade for the brand, the last week.

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The broadcast can be seen, starting today, Friday, september 20 in Amazon Prime Video, by the presentation of the new collection of Savage X-Code on the Fashion week in New York in more than 200 countries and territories. The army of models at the event included women of different sizes, origin and skin color.

“We need things that are real and see the world,” said the rapper Rapsody, such as Rihanna, the game of fashion and beauty changes. “The world comes in so many shapes and colors. Who cares what people think, is the standard of beauty and clarity. She says, ‘what will we need dark colors, we need all of the sounds… albinos and freckles’. Actually, each view is, and that’s the great thing about Rihanna”.

It is certain that the parade of Rihanna was great, so we invite you to find, you Amazon Prime.



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