Save your tears go, is dedicated to Selena Gomez


In his song “Call Out My Name’ (2018), the artist Abel Tesfaye, as he devoted a few words to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez has hinted that he is almost a kidney to donate for the singer, if they needed it. It seems that The Weeknd has done it again.

To reflect that I helped in this song, like his relationship with Selena was “to leave you and from a place that is broken, you comfort me, but to fall in love with you was my fault. I at first, she showed so proudly and openly, and when times were hard, assured me, remain in the vicinity of’; the singer was a subject in the American society of composers, authors and publishers ‘ name ‘Like Selena’.

A song that does not come to light, and from which there is no message produced. However, in the latest material of the canadian noteworthy is the reference of the author to the former girls Disneyin a sentence full of meaning for him: “a room full of people”.

It does in her new song “Save your tears”, where The Weeknd decide to start the topic of recalls in this moment: “I saw You dancing in a room full of people…”. Something that will relate to fans of the ex-partner were asked to.

Because the actress would have resorted to this fact on the letter of the ‘Crowded Room’, and he could be a partner for a time, Abel, and Selena had warned of the release for the tour of The Weeknd “Starboy: Legend of the fall Tour’, the trailer, a connection between the songs and the ex -.

Crowded Room ‘where it seems’ clear that Selena you still remember the artist and this important time lived: ‘We are just you and I…in a room full of people…’, so that everything on The Weeknd still has a lot to say, or sing to your ex-partner that does not end, closing the last stages of life.



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