Selena Gomez is presenting the latest member of your family


Ideal for quarantine…

Selena Gomez has an adorable new friend.

Last Monday, the singer of “Rare” introduced the world to their new puppy Daisy while you have a live-in Instagram. He sat comfortably in his bed, to see Selena cuddling with the sweet puppies, I said, is the care during the duration of the social distance. To the things her appearance even more beautiful, a other dog, Winnie, has a cameo, and seems, as it is just pretty good with your new friend.

“I would like to introduce you to a new member of the family: Daisy and her driver,” said Selena, while she holds, in front of the camera. “Winnie and Daisy are currently quite good. I found out that several friends who take care of the animals, now, to give you a safe place, and could not help me. I had to quedármela”.

During the pandemic, the covid-19, several celebrities and activists, the of the animals and people on the resources available to the city, to the animals in your shelter close to you. Stars such as Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye, Camila Mendes, Camila Morrone and Kyle Chandler have helped the animals need utmost care during this difficult time.



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