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The Colombian singer Shakira the whole world is amazed with his deeds, the good will and prior to this pandemic, the coronavirus it was not the exception.

On this occasion, the interpreter I like / don’t Like I had a better idea, let’s produce the the line of fragrances that carry his name, for a special occasion.

Shakira and her partner Puig floor, where they decided in the production of their fragrances, you that you start now, you have been reported with the alcohol gel for the population of Spain, one of the countries, the large number of people, by the COVID-19.

Via your social networks, Shakira showed pride in what is produced in the factory of their perfumes.

“I am very proud of the positive efforts of the company in these difficult times, when my partner Puig, gave up his factory of fragrances for the manufacture of disinfectant for the hands, which is crucial for the donation of the Spanish government. A great example of doing good, social. I hope this inspires other companies“said Shakira.

On the pictures it looks to the computer, by you need to get the disinfectant, come on it the most.


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Coronavirus in Peru ambushed the truck, the gas in full quarantine,


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