Spain comes one of the sérums favorites from Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian


The spells are popular, we assure ourselves that each person is a world. A set made that in the field of beauty, one could extrapolate, every skin is different.

Even if we agrupemos under some common characteristicswhat a face… not why it’s on a different. But these similarities help us to commit to you, what would you buy most suitable our circumstances.

A work in which we the invaluable help from the famous (and beauticians), which is to say, more and more open your beauty treatments and your products facial care favorites.

What serves us as a starting point, new brands or starts, if not, you would have overlooked. Exactly, this is what Henriksen happened with Ole.

The company cosmetics-Danish is one of the favorite brands of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry. A treasure of beauty that we had missed for a long time, but fortunately already in Germany.

Sephora Henriksen in their catalog with signatures of Ole. A joy for our vanity, where we emphasize one of the favorite products of the three-star hotel, Truth Serum.

On sale for 48 euros, it is a powerful anti-aging serum formulated, especially with vitamin C and collagen brings brightness and moisture our cells throughout the day.

Enriched with extracts of orange and green tea, the formula is very quick recording, what won’t leave you feeling heavy. What it makes perfect Wake up the face this morning, we are in a hurry.

A source of hydration for perfect all skin types (which has a very wide range, with more and more products), but especially for those dry and sensitive not every treatment is tolerated, as in the case of Kim Kardahian or Lady Gaga.



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