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Professor Luca Kaczmarek, CEO of the chair for social psychology at познаньском University. Adam Mickiewicz, in the context of the remote-teaching, the students began lectures during the streamu Fortnite. It turns out that the popular Shooter is an interesting Tool that can royale battle to study. The scientist explains to us in an Interview, how to play, and be healthy

Esportem interested in the great mass of the researchers

Michael Małysa: could you please briefly describe your scientific activities in the context of the games?

Luca Kaczmarek: what interests me is emotion, and, above all, positive emotions. We have them in various contexts. For some time my PhD student, Matthew Behnke, research on emotions in esportowców play in CS:GO and FIFA.

My first research on the games, there have been studies about social support among the players MMORPG. I collected data in 2008. Then it was one of the first studies, conducted in us in Internet. I remember that the response of the players was amazing. In the course of the week, the survey, more than 1000 people met.

I was shocked that they gather so fast and so easy so many valuable data. Now you try the following subsequent projects and research grants. The topic is of interest to the great mass of the researchers and centers. Not only psychologists, but also doctors for example.

As the game impacts on the health of the people?

The game is a recreation or Sport. Sometimes also turns into an escape from the real world, or in the dependence. As entertainment, it is a source of intense emotions. Then, what are we waiting for the whole day, in the evening in front of the Computer. Meet up with friends. Logging in to the virtual world and live some adventures.

Sports Computer provides you with additional emotions, such as joy or pride. A healthy way meets the needs of rywalizacyjne. To cope with a way of “cultural” with the human aggressiveness. However, if the game escape or drug addiction, in addition to emotional. To dominate, of course, then maybe start anger, Irritation, sadness, irritability. Especially if you don’t play.

Reagujmy, before the body is in us zwątpi

Such as the appearance of the first warning signs can?

If the game is for dealing with sad feelings that we feel when we play, this is the first Signal that the game is no longer just a game, and maybe we are in some of the high-risk area. Epidemiological studies show, however, that these conditions have a negative statistically rare.

In General, players are playing and healthy way, to outweigh the positive emotions. Although even here there are differences. Some authors believe that the problematic play relates to 3% of the players, and others, that up to 40%.

In what quantities and under what conditions we have to play, the effect was positive, but not the fatigue of the body?

It all depends on the game. Some more intense, others less so. When playing games MMORPG note is not as heavy as in strzelankach. In games where every Milli-second counts, we are flashing in the rule rarely, spłycać breath, a little move, to the contrary, a verb. Everything is unnatural for the body, the needs of the many and varied activities.

The closer the conditions of the game, the natural conditions, and the more they vary, the better. In last time popular, for example, tables with adjustable height. This is a great idea! If a part of the time we spend playing in the stand, our body in a few years, and grateful to us.

Popular Gaming chairs. A matter of taste and growth, but it seems to me that you are absolutely uncomfortable. To replace the chair for a while on a large dmuchaną Ball fizjoterapeutyczną, also the spine will be grateful to us.

Recommendations for strengthening the health, in any case, much more?

The room should be well lit. The bright spot, the Monitor is on the background of the dark room is a bad idea. The Vision will remind us, over several years, without ever playing, or by developing the joy of the game, when the so-called syndrome of computer vision. I have experienced this myself and do not recommend.

And finally, sleep. We sleep 7-8 hours a day. It is one of the most important health habits. Examples can be multiplied. The people distinguish themselves from each other, therefore, it is important to listen to your body.

If we feel discomfort, reagujmy, not to signal before the body is in us zwątpi, stop, that something was wrong, and after a few or a few dozen years of damage or Degeneration. The player has health to, so he can play on live as long as possible to enjoy the computer.

Stream Fortnite, i.e., psychology and gaming

How you are going to be the topic of games and entertainment in dydaktyce in the coming weeks, if we surrender to social quarantine?

In fact, we speak in a special Moment. People spend a lot of time in the house. Many of them deeper and deeper into the possibilities of the digital world. Some open only.

For some time I was wearing with the intention to start streamu, where the audience could play along with me and discuss at the same time, to ask questions and expand their knowledge in the field of psychology. Quarantine endpoint was also in this respect, and a Signal for action. On my channel NALUKA I the pilot wrote just a result streamu under the Motto: “Psychology and gaming. We use psychology to better understand the game and the players. We use games to better understand psychology.”

How it looks in practice?

In the first episode we played in Fortnite, and we talked about the intelligence and the opportunities of the knowledge you need in order to play well. On the basis of the item of scientific equipment, we also thought about how these features vary over time, and if the pro-gamerzy should think about the pension.

I had a fantastic resonance. In the recording 200 people from all over the Polish took almost. I continued this direction. I already have new ideas on topics that concern would be worth. I also hope that it will play well with worked.

Apart from that, of course, I started to run lectures on the psychology on the Internet. It is in the public domain. I think that in this particular Moment, it is important to share what he has. Let us, so that everyone was able to spend at home time wisely and for the development.

Or a lecturer or teacher who had played in my life, learning to play in the location, within a short period of time, enter in your activity elements in connection with computer?

I don’t think so. In my case, the use of video games is probably what happened, because I love you sincerely, and I feel a wave of positive energy, if I connect the topic of the games, with the work of research and teaching. Can not do on the force, without beliefs, or “the public” because of this, it is checked, perhaps the spirit of the times, if.

Someone, for example, in the course of the last streamu on the theme of the finale of League of Legends. Difficult to track such events without beliefs. It is as if by force you to watch the Test figurową on the ice and try to be an expert. But I don’t think it was necessary.

Teachers should not to exaggerate with the modern?

It is important that there is no hypertrophy of Form over content. This is interesting, I know people who start to take an interest in the games in a way “secondary”. This does not mean that the games are of interest to yourself, but you are interested in, as a way to reach young people. Read about computer games look, you talk of games. You try to understand. Such people are likely to have more and more.

We currently have in Poland about a Million (now probably many more) people play computer games. Someone who doesn’t understand games, Video, also understands the modern young man. Teachers are not able to verify, therefore, in any case, at least, that you have deeply hidden fishing line players. But if you have not, then should probably not enter into force, in order in this area.

Luca Kaczmarek – head of the chair of social psychology and head of the laboratory Psychofizjologii health at the faculty of psychology and cognitive science at the University of. Adam-Mickiewicz-University in Poznań. In his studies he dealt with play, such as, in particular, FIFA, CS:GO, or Pokémon.

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