Taylor Swift falls, expire before Kesha | music


Kesha congratulations, is a sparkling new stage musical is! If a few days ago published Raising Hell, now, surprised with us My Own Dancethe second theme is announced in the tetralogy of videos with a trailer. And it is even less than it is for us, the art of fallot has prepararada for the video (still brand new Tonight High Road.

To hear their new album, completely, is the name High Roadwe still have to wait until the 10. January, 2020. And it is a hard drive is very special. Why? A decade since the release of their debut album Animal 2010.

Now, we already know who will be the first in the queue, with one of these discs. Nothing more and nothing less than Taylor Swift. The dival-pop has shared a story on Instagram, where she has shown great enthusiasm, feel, hear My Own Dance.

“You will see me, sing this song for the rest of my life. The song is legendary, completely. How can the real?” has written, on the cover of the single. We, the good Tay has the topic in the loop.

Sure that more than a fan of the interpreter Lover gone, ran to listen to the new song by Kesha. Who knows, maybe this is just the beginning of a wonderful friendship that can end, in co-operation.

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