Taylor Swift has responded to the filtration of his conversation with Kanye West


After that, an extended version of the controversial call in the passes Taylor Swift and Kanye West discussed the song from the rapper Famousthe pop singer has decided to talk about their stories on Instagram Monday, 23.

The interpreter, “Lover”, which were finally attacked of justice was, over the years, he stressed that the allegations of acts of life “hell“but your fans asked you to focus “what is really important“.

“Rather than react to those who ask how I feel in comparison to the video leaked, showing that he says the truth all the time ‘call’ (you know, the one that was recorded illegally, someone edited and manipulated, in me, on me, my family and my fans in hell about 4 years)… to Push you, to see what is really important,” asked Swift.

Follow the instructions, the people were on a site to donate to the organization Feeding America.

“The The world health organization and Feeding America some of the organizations for which I donate are. If you have the opportunity to do this you accompany me to donate during this crisis,” he added, in another story, makes it clear that to think talk about the past and the image of a world worthy of more attention.

Last Friday, the 20 March, and then the video spread, the dispute between the star and the marriage Kardashian-West emerged in nets, while the trends in favor of the singer #TaylorToldTheTruth and #Kanye West Isover party they positioned themselves on Twitter.

What happened between Taylor Swift and Kanye West four years ago?

According to the new pictures spread on Twitter, Kanye West Taylor Swift called in 2016, and asked him to promote your theme Famous in your account in this social network and told that the song is already on you with a few sentences polemics.

West said the award-winning celebrity corresponds to the work with the lines “I feel that Taylor Swift and I still we could have sexandI have the famous“. Although the pop star didn’t seem very excited about the second appointment said, was “good”.

In addition, assured him that he needed to think, their promotion of the simple, because, “it was absolutely crazy,” but it seemed to reassure the fact that you do not call, “this stupid, stupid p-to-earth,” he said, and cited People.

For his part, the father of four-promised them the full text, but the composer says this never happened.

However, in February 2016, he said, was the Kanye the start of the songs and also the lyrics, with him, was the one you presented.

β€œAll of my friends from the South that get to know me better, I feel that Taylor and I, we have sex. Why? I have known of this p-to-earth”, was what sang is the husband of Kim Kardashian.

Listen to the insulting words in the direction of him, Swift defended the socialite published in Snapchat are some excerpts from the conversation between the artists. In this, it seemed that the winner of the Grammy was the last songsomething you have stated a lie, now with the new parts of the audio led.



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