Taylor Swift released a letter that he still prohibits the use of their music | music


“The message I send is very clear. Basically, I’m a girl and good and stop know, shut up.”

A few months ago it was announced that Scooter Brown had acquired Big Machine Label Groupthe record company published the first six discs Taylor Swift. This situation was


in the middle of a big problem, because, according to his own statements, she felt had abandoned her work without even the chance to recover them.

Here you can see how to make it better, you solved this whole drama up in the led them to argue Justin Bieber.

The consolation of Taylorbetween all this drama, is that legally, the singer can be re-burned with new versions of his songs, the producer, the works at the moment, however, all of this could have happened, until the next year.

Although the matter seemed to be there was able to solve today Taylor revealed, through a letter in their social networks, the Scooter Brown and his team put his ankle cuffs again, you need to your own music. Although they tried to intimidate you and do not talk about you Tay Tay to raise prefer to be the voice and tell what lived.

“I don’t know what else to do,” tweeted the interpreter “Lover”.

To prevent these new tactics, in order that Taylor you can use your music, only with your performance at the AMAs, where

you will get the nomination as artist of the decade

. Also a documentary of the recording would Netflix.

“Guys – He has recently announced that the American Music Awards you will me honored with the Award” artist of the decade in the ceremony this year. I had planned a medley of my hits of the decade in the show. Scott Borchetta, and Scooter Braun has been said, I don’t have the permission to sing my old songs on TV, because they say the would re-record my music before you do not have the permission to do it next year.” So the letter of the interpreter begins.

“In addition – and this was not the way in which they had planned to give you the news – Netflix made a documentary about my life in the last few years. Scott Roller and decreased the use of my old music or audio-visual material of the embodiment of live for this project, but there is no mention of them or of Big Machine Records on the tape. Scott Borchetta said to my team, to me, the use would allow for my music only, if I do these things: If I don’t re-burn, new versions of my songs in the next year (is that something I allowed legally and that I want to do) and also you said to my computer, I need to stop over to talk to him and Scooter Braun.”



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