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One of the last public appearances of Taylor Swift at the American Music Awards (AMA), just weeks before her birthday on the 13th of December, was a celebration of his entire career, which received the title of ” artist of the decade 2010-2020 and the lag in a race, together with Elvis Presley (1950), The Beatles (1960), Stevie Wonder (1970) and Michael Jackson (1980). This recognition adds many others, has the artist this year as he is nominated for the album ‘Lover’, at the Grammy awards as best pop album.

“The industry is very rarely, go up and then down, sometimes you feel bad with yourself, but there are people who will support you always. Thanks to the ‘fans’ who have 15 years with me,” he said, the award to pick up. And is that it is impossible, remember Swift, in this decade without Taylor. And Swift, without the travel 10 years back, up to the gala of the MTV awards 2009. There, without it to want to be the singer, then unknown to the masses of the he is also one of the moments, repeated in the world of pop: when I first prize in the MTV and Kanye West interrupted his speech to say that Beyonce deserved this award.

In this time, we have seen, to conquer from the label “country girl”, the world of dance started with ‘Shake it Off’,, sings to the lack of love with ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ and enjoy your dispute with the West ‘Look What You Made Me Do’; legendary songs, which filled the poor profits.

In addition, Swift has used her position as an international personality for its ‘speakers’ of the social causes, or they position themselves politically. According to cope, the singer has left behind, this suspicion, criticized in the creative world usa was an accomplice of the conservative elites who support openly feminist positions and ask for tolerance towards LGBT collective.

“I don’t believe that a man you are prompted for this only if he is 30 years old,” he said recently, Swift, when asked in an interview, whether it’s a birthday, it is the moment “came to focus and to found a family”.

“You don’t have to ask, because they twenty years and it is a woman,” he said, to the point that women “are more than incubators for babies”.

Not to forget their anthem “are You Need to Calm Down LGBT”‘, calls for literally the intolerant “peace”, because “never hate anyone, made it less gay”with the introduction of donations to charitable organizations, and a request for the approval of the ‘equality act’, a change that would prohibit accompanied, in the Constitution, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation / gender identity.

The dark side of the industry

This year was particularly intense for the artists, as it has through a series of legal problems with the old seal musical the rights to their old recordings.

The difficulties for the interpretation of their topics in their own honor, due to a conflict with the employers, Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta has revealed in a publication with the title “I don’t know what to do anymore,” in which he recognizedthose that bought for about $ 300 million (€270 million) to his old record company ” Big Machine Label.

The young singer has the property, of the letter, but not the shots by the announcement this summer that you are recording their first five albums, from november 2020 to get back your music.

Although Swift was a magnet in the critique, also has enjoyed supporters and friends.

Celebrities including models Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid, actress Emma Stone and singer Halsey and Selena Gomez, who’s form dropped like a fan, more on his return to the stage, a group known as the ‘squad’ Taylor battalion. Swift has. ironizado several times about this nickname, as with the accusation, a viper, or its alleged hostility against stars such as Katy Perry

So, a career of 30 years met the full show success and recognition, Taylor, that handles perfectly, and the surreal and complex world of the pop, in, this is sure to be one of your great figures.




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