Taylor Swift wins the battle of public Kanye West


The American singer Taylor Swift the battle of public opinion won against the rapper Kanye West and the famous entrepreneur Kim Kardashianthen four years ago, the singer stated, of have permission Swift call “bitch” in one of your topics and you desmintiera.

The conflict between the celebrities began in 2009, when Taylor won the award for “Best Video to say to a Female” during an award ceremony that recognizes the best of what broke the music in a special program, and the West, under the speech of thanks to the singer, that you had it not, he deserves recognitionbut Beyoncé.

Kanye, you apologized to the public and the artists of 30 years ago. Later, the Grammys 2015 saw a chat, during the event, and a few days later, the interpreter, “Love Story“he gave a price for the rapper, on the same delivery differences in the year of 2009, as a joke compared to what is about to happen.

In 2016, began the public discussion, when the artist, at the age of 42 years, published your theme Famous, in which he said “I Feel that Taylor and I, we have sex, I have the famous a bitch” during one of his verses, and argued that he, with the permission of the singer, but she refused this explanation.

At that time, Kim Kardashian has published on its social network in an alleged phone call in which the composer allows the West to use the words in their simple, and after the recording Swift he threatened to take legal action, the two published by the fragmentbecause he explained to the media that the video was tampered with””.

The topic to come back to the light of day, then come, and I would have thought the viral effect of social networks,, the clip with the call, in the West asks for your consent to the use of the phrase “I Feel that Taylor and I we could have sex”, then it is to try and try to avoid him the fragment.

During your lecture the us resists and says: “it Is absolutely crazy, I’ll think about it, because it goes against my principles”. In addition, the West does not question about the line “I got the famous “this bitch”, which showed that Taylor was telling the truth in front of the case.




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