The anger of Kim Kardashian against Taylor Swift in the middle of the pandemic by the coronavirus


In a cataract of messages, Kim Kardashian distilled, all his anger against Taylor Swift in the night from Sunday to Monday. After desvelase this Saturday, the entire talk of the country singer and the rapper Kanye Westfans Taylor attacked mercilessly to the man Kardashian and the own celebrity because they saw that they had lied. This whole dispute arose in the year 2016, when West you published your theme Famousa song where he “bitch“Swift, among others.

To the surprise of the interpreter Lover, Kardashian he defended publicly her husband, which ensures that Taylor had given a green light to the publication and release of the song, a reality which is now in question. To defend themselves, the celebrity and star Instagram published a series of tweets, where not good Swift, PUE accuse of “liar“e “insensitive“to this theme at a time, extra-heavy on the whole world.

Taylor Swift has decided to reactivate an old exchange, the feels in this time, very selfish because suffering faced by millions of actual victims today“began his release Kardashian in a message to your 64 million followers in Twitter. “I didn’t feel the need to comment a few days ago, and I’m actually really embarrassing, and mortificada to do this at this time, but to talk because they are more than that, I feel that I have no other choice, she replies, because you really lying to“she went on.

The celebrity sat down with his release, he received tens of thousands of interactions in samples of support and rejection by the fans of the singer. “To be clear, the only problem I had called was relevant to the situation, that Taylor lied about her publicist: ‘Kanye has never and ask for permission…’. They spoke clearly, so I stopped it. No one denied that the word ‘bitch’ are used without your permission“.

In the moment, in languages, the song was not yet complete, but as you can see in the video, you manipulated the truth of the real conversation to your statement, if you said with your computer, you leaned to him, and he warned against the publication of a song with a message misogynist so strong’. The lie was never about the word bitch, always, whether it is a call or not, and the tone of the conversation“he rushed.

Finally came to the conclusion: “I never got the pictures (another lie): I only have a couple of clips with Snapchat my point of view, and the video in full length, not leaked recently, is changing the narrative. Add Kanye as an artist has the right to document their travels and musical process, as it already recently about his documentary. Kanye has documented the making of all their albums to your personal file, however, never published no one would have for the public, and the conversation between the two, remained private or would have gone to the garbage, if she had not lied, and was forced to defend myself. This is the last time, when you talk about that, because, frankly, nobody cares. I am sorry to bore you all with this. I know you guys are all dealing with topics serious and important“.

Then Kardashian she shared a video that came out clearly -clearly -that the use of this expression was consensus between the two artists and their teams are legal. In the clip you can hear the voice of the girlfriend of Tom Hiddleston to questions, expressed his gratitude to West, whether she agreed to it. Kanye says that he did not write, no rap, to feel someone uncomfortable, and less on you.

The material was the excitement in the social networks, because after the publication of the “Famous“, Taylor had said that Kanye had contacted never. For the protagonists of the successful reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashiansthe video that he was on Snapchat, an irrefutable proof. But Swift was not, and defended himself with a compelling message in your account of Instagramin fact, claims that they knew of the existence of the simple, but in no moment the sentence was wrong. “Where is the video of Kanye comentándome that you call me ‘bitch’ in the song? Not available because is not happening”the pop star expresses in his post.



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