The beauty treatment Kim Kardashian before midnight


The beauty treatment Kim Kardashian before midnight

Kim Kardashian.

ANGELA WEISS / AFP / Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is one of the members of the Guild Kardashian to Jenner market, sometimes your schedule is prevents a space to your beauty treatments, so that it had to be in a unique solution.

In november of last year showed in your social networks, if you have little free time uses the night to visit your expert in skin care, Dr. Simon Ourian. So your routine laser facial treatment in the night.

On the appointment to the night of his clinic in Los Angeles specialists are different types of treatments for your face, laser to make them disappear, wrinkles and marks of expression, also reduces acne and skin blemishes.

So, Kim remains bright, although you do not have time, fortunately, the tv star can afford this luxury because with her hectic lifestyle almost no one to do it. This is only one of their eccentric treatments.

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