The facet of d Kendall and Kylie Jenner


Kendall and Kylie Jenner on more than one occasion the attention of the deprived, in the first seasons Keeping up with the Kardashianand is that the smaller Guild since the very girls were very active.

And although it is now seem fought it is true that his whole life have shown to be inextricably connected to each other by all sorts of things together. An example of the channel was opened on Youtube, where they tried to take you, as a d.

The name of the channel was “MsKendallandKylie” and he shared all kinds of occurrences. One of his videos was even funnier that, with the help of her boyfriend Spencer, they claimed to be a woman is very high.

The video was under the title “Tha Tall Girl. LOL” and received a little more than 8 thousand “likes” number has nothing to the with the number likes both currently receive in your account of Instagram, which you share with every photo.

It is true that her fans hope that there is nothing between the sisters, because they love the good relations that had the sisters have always.



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