The father of Taylor Swift, you find a thief in your apartment | Today


Bad luck continued to accompany Taylor Swift. After previously against various attackers in the doors in their own homes, it is now her father, the has suffered, a quarrel in his apartment, fortunately, has survived unscathed.

Everything happened on the 17th of January, when Scott Swift stepped into his apartment Vinoy Place, St. Petersburg (Florida). A place of strict security precautions and the access is very limited. But as soon as he was in his home, he found a thief who climbed 13 floors on the stair case of emergency, to reach it. A staircase, which can only be accessed if someone opened your door.

So what The Tampa Bay Times collected, in addition to the name of the thief: Terrence Hoover of 30 years. If the father of the music star met Hoover, came out of his apartment, both in the hands of before the thief had to escape. But he managed, Scott reported to the police about the dispute and the perpetrator was not arrested, although it happened the first time.

According to police sources, Hoover has a long history of arrests, including domestic violence due to throttling has aggravated, aggression, theft, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping, imprisonment, false and now, again because of theft. In addition, according to this medium, the self Scott identified was the thief between the photos, the delivered agent.

But it is true that there is still considerable doubt as to the Hoover dam, because even though Taylor Swift was not in the apartment with her father, this is not the property in which they are located. To be, have been, would have tried a coincidence. To explain a question to clarify the the mother of the own thief tried to, that her child had lost, in search of his wife, and that only should be “accused of trespassing.”

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Hoover was arrested with a Deposit of 50,000 us dollars.