The father of Taylor Swift’s plant face a thief who tried to steal in your penthouse.


The father of Taylor Swift, Scott Swift message of an unpleasant incident, lived before about a month ago to steal as he is key against a thief who wanted to enter in your penthouse. As reported by the local environment of Florida, The Tampa Bay Times, the deeds happened in the past, January 17, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The events are triggered when the parent, the artist and returned to her apartment, to the value of 4 million us dollars, in the well maintained complex Vinory Place Towers. As he home surprised Terrence Hoover, an offender with a lot of background informationin the interior of your home. The criminal had, you will have the property by the escape stair, and tras-a confrontation with the father of the singer came out of the building ran.

After what had happened, Scott Swift he condemned the actions of the police, the thief gave up after seven days, after what happenedin addition, reported that the above-mentioned means, the father of Taylor realized the criminals in a wheel of recognition. This event comes in a bad time for the family Swift have, new cancer was diagnosed, the artist’s mother, Andrea Finlay.

Difficult times

Andrea Finlay suffered five years ago received a breast cancer and successfully overcomebut it was only a month ago, the news that after a routine investigation discovered, had a new cancer came: “The symptoms by which there is a person who had a brain tumor goes have nothing to do with what I thought with the cancer at the top. So a is still stage very difficult, in my family“said Taylor Swift in an interview with Variety.

Now, the singer is one of the worst times of your life, because your mother is the strength, the leadership and the most important person for you“Almost each decision, the band tried to make with her first. So, obviously, it is very hard for me to talk about your disease”.