The home Assembly, Pereira, which offers protection to women victims of domestic violence


The champs — the Most in an episode of domestic violence in the standings for the week in the fields. But, as the outrage, the produce of such cases, and they are repeated on a daily basis. Progress, such as the Maria da Penha law were clear, but to prevent the efforts, and to punish, the need to tables, these crimes against women, the daily and the drama. The houses, as in the Maria da Penha law, is the key for many women, the don ‘ T have to remain in a place after they leave their abusers. The house is Blessed Pereira, is a place of refuge provides temporary accommodation for you and your children.

Today, the house is the home of three women and eight children. Over the years, 13 women were accepted and received the support of a dedicated team and offers psychological, social and legal problems, in addition to the referral activities, vocational training and income-generation programs. The children also have follow-up studies because they left school due to safety concerns.

“The servers are working, with the support of the women in the police, the Ombudsman, the public Prosecutor or of the units of the judiciary, the appointment of a woman to the house,” says Marcäo Gomes, municipal Secretary for Human and Social development. “The reference centers for special Social assistance (Creas), and the centers of reference of social assistance (Cras) can also selection a such. In General, the period of stay is up to 90 days, but the deadline to be extended”.

The house is Blessed, Pereira has a capacity for 18 women and their children, while at the same time. But often the risks to which they are exposed, so heavy that you need to be transferred, to similar structures in other cities, according to reports, Anne-Caroline Cardoso, head of Social protection, in Particular for the High level of complexity.

“We have women from all over the country, because our unit is part of the network is the protection state of a woman are,” says Leisia Crespo, a Blessed social worker and co-chair of the house, and Others. “In our ports of entry are mainly at the police station, for service to women (DEAM), the TRANSPORT, and the Ministry of the Public”.

For complaints and requests to the host, the telephone number of the units in the Transport:
Transport 1: (22) 981 751 031
Transport 2: (22) 981 750 711
Transportation-3: (22) 981 750 820



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