The love, the ex of Jennifer Lopez


One of the ex of Jennifer Lopez, he is with the widow of a rapper?

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One of the ex of Jennifer Lopez, he is with the widow of a rapper?

Puff Diddy, the famous singer, published in the year 2000, he was one of the be friends public, Jennifer Lopez, and then deleted two photos of yourself, along with Lauren London on Instagram, which led immediately to that circularan rumors would be online, keep an affair. The couple from London, for Hussle, he died tragically last year in Los Angeles, while the ex-wife of Diddy, Kim Porter, died in the year 2018 from the inflammation of the lungs.

The photos that Diddy initially, she shared on her Instagram on February 19, were two black-and-white photos of him and London. However, no current photos. The published photos were taken in January at the Roc Nation Brunch a year before the Grammys. You see the suits that he wears each of them, that these photos were in the stylish event, pre-Grammy at 25.

However, London and Diddy not you were at the event as a partner. In fact, the London summit Samantha Smith was the sister of Nispey,. And even London, he shared some words of choice, on Instagram, in response to these rumors, dates.

Diddy numerous pictures from the Brunch Roc Nation, and not to publish what happened to him, some of the setbacks seemed strange has previously shared.

But since the photos seem to be, that an alleged flirt with the singer in London, 35 years, set fire to the rumor mill. Therefore, rapper subtituló files are lost in the pictures as a ” # … @Lauren London,” with an emoji-heart-blue.

Earlier this month, the hip-hop mogul 50 years, he continued to share photos of what seems to be one of their favorite parties, organized by Jay-Z and Beyonce. Other celebrities in attendance Rihanna DJ Khaled, Megan Thee Stallion, Miguel, Meek Mill, Winnie Harlow, you may, Usher, Kelly Rowland, June Ambrose, Robert power, Mike Rubin, G-Eazy, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Rel Howery, and Anthony were included.

(embed) of Diddy Dating for Hussle’s Girlfriend Lauren London | Lauren RESPSONDS#diddy #nipseyhussel #Lauren London Rumors spread late that music mogul Sean “Diddy quot; Combs now has a serious new girlfriend: for Hussle’widow s, Lauren London. MTO News spoke with several people close to Diddy, and they tell us that Diddy and Lauren have “approached,quot; in recent months. And many of his friends believe that the two are now dating. GOOD TIMES CARTOON-SEASON 1 – (LINK HERE) Subscribe To Our Channel DONATE: INSTAGRAM FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK Z

The reaction on Twitter against the rumors was not exciting, because London could be from another magnate of hip-hop, but share a sense of disbelief. Many online users and were in a rush, the fact that London is the best friend of Cassie, the ex-girlfriend of Diddy, and never cruzarían this line.

Others shared in London Diddy knows for years, and their relationship is mere friendship and even, you know, for Hussle. It is modeled, in order to his brand of clothing, Sean John, and his label vodka, Ciroc.

(embed) London Path of Secretly Dating Diddy and She FINALLY Responds!Lauren London Path of Secretly Dating Diddy and She Responds! The rumor pot has been stirred and this time, it’s about Lauren London and she is not pleased. According to reports, the music mogul and the actress were spotted getting real cozy. The rumor mill is turning and Lauren London is not staying quiet! Check out the video for the full details. #Lauren London #diddy #entertainment news Thank You For Watching! We Appreciate Your Support. For More Hot Headlines, Visit Us At and Join Us On Social Media: Instagram:TheCelebRack Facebook: TheCelebRack Twitter: TheCelebRack The Celeb Rack Welcomes All Business Inquiries Related, e-Mail Us At Please Allow 1-2 Business Days For a Response. The Celeb Rack Proudly Celebrates Pop Culture. We do Not Wish To AutoIt or Infringed On The Rights Of Others. If Copyright Material is Used In Any of Our Videos, Feel Free To Contact Us At To Resolve The Issue. Thank You! Just A Few Tags: #entertainment news #celebrity news #celebritytea #celebrity gossip #rumorreport #thecelebrack #popculture #urban popculture #theculture #celebrity #viral videos2020-02-21T00:58:38.000 Z

A user tweeted that Diddy was nothing suspicious when you publish your photos with the London. The man who tweeted: “you All know, Diddy put the blue heart, because he shows respect for Lauren, What happened to you all? Seriously, family, you in cavan on everything”.

After the violent reaction, the comments caustically that Diddy received online, and fans that made him ashamed to do a movement, the with London, which was the reason that first deletes the photos. However, Diddy is a re-upload of photos in their stories of Instagram for the 20.

(embed) Lopez HOT Dance Scene With P DiddyJennifer Lopez HOT Dance Scene With P Diddy2017-01-18T07:12:49.000 Z

Diddy, for example, went on to share a series of black-and-white images with the subtitle “lost files”, and showed not only with London, but also show photos of his son and Jay

In this way, the rapper has wanted to apparently, the rumors that he was involved romantically with London scatter.

Diddy changed the subtitle of the photos, with London and also added in large letters: “More files are lost … to show me and my sister @Lauren London brunch @rocnation,” the attempt, that their love is only brotherly, and there is no engagement in sight.



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