The most popular streets of the Bus with military Fortnite. Also Epic player in demand, as it is hard


A player Fortnite decided to check how many times the Bus flies over the specific locations.

Have you ever wondered about the miejscówkami most often a bus flies combative? A player Fortnite decided to check this out. In General, he signed 500 of their games, and during each pass, a Bus fighting wrote, as it rotates.

As a result, we know that Epic has to match a really good Job and the street of the Bus only rarely.

Saved 500 games

Most often a Bus flies over the Central part of the map that is not a surprise for anyone, as it is from the description, which started with mostly players from the bottom of Siorbanych Шувар.


Even if not intended-it is a lot of innovative information (in principle all), the Epic thinks it’s a really cool project. In the comments under the entry scragr97 on Reddicie the question of one of the developers came up:

It’s great.

To keep track of how hard it is?

Player, unfortunately, has not yet responded, and by reading his statements, one can quickly come to the conclusion that knows his craft. Same, Epic certainly has a similar set of Tools with which it pursues, like the Bus, where the players usually come and what places to fly.

Bus battle may soon get new features. As shown leakerzy in the past few days, probably in the range of 3. April, with the advent of the Deadpoola in the game, can be added a Option in the settings of the selected type of bus. It has not been confirmed, and now in the files there is an extra bed for the Installation skina in the Bus to fight.



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