The mother of Beyoncé’s stresses, work, and the picture of Meghan


The family of Beyoncé is a fan of Meghan. After the artist has shown his public admiration for the Duchess of Sussex, without more to go on, while his video speech for the Brit Awards, and 2019, now it is the turn of their mother, Tina Knowles. The woman, 65 years of age and wanted to point out the work that the wife of Prince Harry while attending an exhibition of works by revolutionary black artists since the sixties to the eighties. “I think it’s incredible that you have had this opportunity, and is a good representation for our people. It is really wonderful!”, revealed.


In addition, the designer, is the nature and strength of the Americans stressed that since the past 19. may part of the British Royal family. “I think that a beautiful woman, smart and independent,” emphasizes your figure.

It should be remembered that Meghan is mixed, the first in the history of the house of Windsor, and his mother is a black, why in some cases, it is judged useful. “All that separates, whether of race, class, religion, or sex, is inhuman and must be overcome’,” she admitted in one of her first speeches as the Duchess of Sussex.

– The strange tribute from Beyoncé to Meghan Markle with allusion to the Queen Letizia include

As we have shown, is not the first time that Beyonce, her husband Jay-Z are the picture of Meghan. In his speech for the Brit awards and the highlights of British music, the marriage, posed in front of a picture of the Duchess of Sussex with a crown that belongs to the Spanish Royal family and jewelry. Also, the artist, the same time as the month of Afro-American history, wanted to give congratulations to the usa, your pregnancy.



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