The pearl of the Streaming of March 2020


In the times of the coronavirus and the social isolation of the tips, streaming video has become more important than ever before. We live in a reality full of uncertainties and worries. Keep your mind healthy, in addition to the body, it is important to turn off the news once in a while, and immerse yourself in the different stories. For this reason, I have the films and tv set aside here, shows, as well as relaxation, which can help you in this moment annoying. The following is the thread:

The passenger car series

The holiday in the Small Nicholas — sign –

Coffee with cinnamon — Amazon Prime

Under the direction of Glenda Nicácio, and Ari Rose, Coffee with cinnamon this is the first film directed by a black woman to premiere at the Theater 34 years ago. The film is a gentle, moving and touching. Oh, and for the Babu Santana also part of the cast!

The Lie — Series

A Carbon Change Netflix –

All About My Mother Amazon Prime



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