The proof that Blue Ivy is the new Beyoncé


Blue Ivy, daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, took their talented genes and say in her new documentary. Of the same colour, like his father.

The proof that Blue Ivy is the new Beyoncé

18 september 2019

That was to be expected. Blue Ivythe daughter Beyoncé and Jay-Z only could a talented artist. Without encasillarla on a single opportunity in your life, the oldest daughter of the Carter’s repeated skills, singing, dancing and acting, so as their parents have shown.

The last example of the talent of “mini-Beyonce” was her participation in the documentary, that his mother was filmed as part of the soundtrack the live-action the lion king with the title The Lion King: The Poison. In this the creative process of recording and arrangement of this album was reported, in the Queen Bey see a lot of moments with the family, and inspired the same.

And as I said, in this film you can see the talent of the eldest daughter of this couple of artists; for you Blue drums, by the lips, and giving his own home video for Mood 4 Eva.

If you don’t know, is on this album, Blue Ivy Carter was a great turnout with the song Brown Skin Girl where did the claims of film and writing. Without a doubt, a great success at a young age.

And in order not to lose the tradition of the family, still in the factor marketing in the documentary, his two brothers, twins, Sir, and Rumi, the just two years old.To experience “if you mom, love your children, the deeper everything that you can imagine. Love is beyond the earth and of time and space, is a compound that is a constant”, said Beyoncé Entertainment Tonight about it.

To see a joy for fans of this couple, in your environment, in your house, all of this talented family, and so she responded on Twitter:

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