The singer succeeds, the ‘Lover’ is the best-selling album in the year 2019


‘Lover’, the latest work of Taylor Swift released in august, it has managed to sell 1.085 copies, the only album to sell the reached more than a million units and position themselves on the hard disk more sold in 2019.

The seventh album by the American singer pulled 699.000 people buy disk in physical including CD, vinyl and even some cassettes and 386.000 you will receive your digital copy on the streaming platforms. In the age of Spotify, the artist is the one who has achieved the most, is to sell your product in physical, thanks to the efforts of the still, the ‘packaging’. With the album “Lover’ sold four different versions of the CD-bound book with passages from the diaries of the singers of the young.

However, although I don’t sell more than a million sales so quickly, like his previous albums, the milestones achieved to more than a million copies in the first week after the premiere.

Taylor Swift ended his successful decade with the sixth number 1 the total turnover of a year after managed, with Speak Now, network, 1989, and Reputation. So empatarse with the Beatles in the number of best-selling albums in the United States.

The second CD more sold in 2019 in the United States was for the album ‘When We All Fall “Disappear” Where Do We Go?’ Billie Ellish with 676.000 copies. The young singer is following Taylor Swift after desbancarle the title of youngest artist in the nominations for the four main categories for the Grammys get.

Although the best-selling album, ‘Lover’ is not managed, the nomination for the Grammy “Best Album of the year. Taylor Swift alone decides in favour of the three statuettes in the gala Sunday, January 26. Not yet confirmed, whether singing in the gala or, if also meet.




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