This is the donation from Rihanna for the fight against the coronavirus


This is the donation from Rihanna for the fight against the coronavirus

The singer Rihanna has also contributed to the the fight against the coronavirus with this donation.

Were many of the familiar faces the wanted have after learning of the situation in the world with this epidemic, various possibilities for cooperation with this fight.

On the other hand, in addition to the donations, thousands of influencers in social networks, because example of compliance with the measures the governments or proposed to be set challenges the quarantine more bearable.

The donation of Rihanna for the fight against the coronavirus

On this occasion, the artist was involved in this global fight against the coronavirus from donations, to the amount five million us dollars.

In the first moment, the singer has donated the amount of $ 700,000, however, a few days ago, another gesture of solidarity has to donate more money.

For this reason, Rihanna has donated various associations to try and combat the pandemic, the number of five million us dollars.

So it was made in a statement to the public and in the, he detailed: “As we can imagine this year, never would have, like COVID-19 changed so dramatically in our lives. No matter who you are or from wherever, this pandemic is all of us will relate to. And for the most vulnerable in the world, lor worse can be.”

Also, the singer has given where all and any means donated destinándolos completely:

  • The purchase of test and medical supplies.
  • Boards.
  • Protective equipment for health professionals.
  • Maintenance of the UCI (intensive care units).
  • Acceleration of the creation and research of the creation of the vaccine against the coronavirus.

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