To donate Rihanna and Kanye West, strong sums of money to help, against the coronavirus


The singer Rihanna came to the celebrities who have helped the fight against the pandemic of coronavirus in the implementation of a donation of 5 million dollars through their Foundation, ” Clara Lionel, reports Variety.

The organisation handed over the money to several global organizationsin particular, those who are responsible for the carrying of provisions to the marginalized groups United States of America, the Caribbean and Africaas well as those trying to the sick, and they work to prevent the spread of the virus.

Direct Relief, Partners in Health, Feeding America, the International Rescue Committee and the Fund for the response to the solidarity Covid-19 the world health organization are just some of the facilities that always be the donation.

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“It was never so important or urgent protection and preparation of communities marginalized and neglected, those who will be affected the most by this pandemic,” said Justine Lucas, managing Director of the Foundation, ” Clara Lionel.

For his part, Kanye West also, it donated money to two charitable organizations that help the food to the needy, Access Online.

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Such a facility is the nursing home in which he lived in Los Angeles, and the other is located in his hometown of Chicago, call We Women Empowered.

“And a call, in a moment, today, our world is changing,” said Josephine Wade, founder of We Women Empowered, in a press release.

With the help of donations from the West, organizations deliver meals to people coronavirus and the homeless people.

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Several celebrities have in common with the financial support for the asocioaciones to fight against the coronavirus, one of them is Ryan Reynolds, who donated a million dollars is.

Also, the new app Tiktok helped in the founding of Arnold Schwarzenegger donates three million dollars, with the aim of the efforts can be a little more pleasant, the situation for the global pandemic.

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