Topped By Angelina Jolie? The truth is that potential new love interest for Brad Pitt


Since the divorce, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and it wasn’t really romantically connected to anyone who connected – in any case, it is not the problem. The fans were full of hope that Pitt would go back with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston after meeting at the SAG Awards for the year 2020.

In addition to this, the rumors about a secret wedding ceremony on the beach, has also added fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, at the time of writing of this article, has been nothing official really.

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For the fans of Aniston and Pitt reacendido waiting for the confirmation of a new novel, others have turned their attention to a new friend of Pitt. In the past few months, Pitt, Alia Shawkat has been photographed with the actress.

In March, the Pitt, and Shawkat were together in the show, according to TMZ. But the official status of the relationship was not disclosed.

Pitt’s joke about rumors of the relationship at the Golden Globe awards for the year 2020. “I wanted my mother, but I can’t. Why do you think I’m dating any person, which is always at my side. It would be strange,” he said during his acceptance speech for Best actor in a supporting role.

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A source tells Hollywood to suspect that it’s insane that Shawkat, and Pitt, and they are more than friends. “People forget very quickly, but Brad even jokes about it seen with a woman in her thank you speech. If he comes out with the allies, it is because she is a good friend, the laughter makes you,” said the source.

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But such a friendship could be something more serious?

Actor Brad Pitt; Actress Alia Shawkat

When it comes to novels, Hollywood movies, the differences in age and uncomfortable, are not uncommon. It is for this reason that the difference in the age of Pitt and Shawkat – he is 56 and she is 30 not automatically stop all the rumors.

In the end, the girlfriend of actor Leonardo DiCaprio only six months old when Titanic was released. But, according to sources, Pitt, and Shawkat only friends, the coming together, the love, the art.

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“The connection to the Mall and bring together art, he is a big fan of your work,” said a source to Hollywood Life. “Alia, it is a prominent figure in the arts in Los Angeles, California, and since the divorce of Brad, it has ventured further into this world. It was thus that the friendship began. He didn’t talk too much about art, but it is a big part of your life.”

The source said that in the Interview, you want to at the moment. “He wants to stay out of the spotlight for a long time. This includes a dating relationship. He just want to enjoy time with family and friends. Your life is not full of drama, and the rumors of a new relationship. It’s like living on the edge.”

In the time of social distancing, it may be the best choice for all involved!